My latest paintings

From October 2022 to February 2023, I made 4 paintings: ” Si le Coeur vous  en dit “, “Distortion”, ” …

“ The drawing is above all a support to the color and the fantasy.
Whatever the pattern chosen, it serves as a support for the colors I apply without worrying about reality.

Portrait d'artiste Portrait of an artist

Your self-taught artist in love with the colors of life

Artist-painter, Monik placed her brushes in a Bressane farm close to the Jura and Ain.

Self-taught, her very personal style based on drawing and the meticulous work of colors is the result of inspirations born at the time of her childhood. “ I started drawing at a young age by drawing complex geometrical shapes or animals on any handy paper, from the classroom notebooks to drawing paper.”

If the artistic universe is always the same, the technique has evolved from gouache to acrylic. Base of each of Monik’s creations, the drawing is before all, a support for color and fantasy : “I define myself as a colorist because people find it difficult to associate me with a world they know.”

Monik invites you to her world, but also to meet her at exhibitions, and why not, bring the joy and good humor that she put into her paintings, in your home by making yours one of her creations. “ I paint what I am, what I feel, in my own way that is not inspired by any school, by any artist. Each of my paintings is unique. It tells a moment of my life and emotions through multiple colors.”

For more informations about my creations, please contact me.