The universe of a self-taught painter

Creations inspired by everyday life

Self-taught painter, “colorist” as she calls herself, Monik evolves in a universe that is her own, echoing her first creations when she drew on her schoolbooks: scenes mixing nature and animals and geometric creations. In the first, bears, elephants but also farm animals, cats or fish are in a setting of mountains, jungle, sea or even urban environment but where trees, vegetation are always present.

In the seconds, the motifs unfold like mandalas, creating a work in the work, a hiden world behind every touché of color : “ I don’t like symmetry and while we believe that everything is wisely set, there is always a moment when it goes of the rails”. Her inspirations are linked to her daily life or to her subjects of admiration : “ I paint what I am, what I feel, in my own way. Each painting is unique and constitute a part o me, my life journey and my emotions.”

Whether animal or geometrical, Monik’s acrylic paintings exude joy, optimism and joy of life :”I don’t like anything militant. I just paint to bring happiness.” Attached to her paintings, Monik likes to present them and is happy when one of them find a taker by a person attentive to her work, her inspiration ans takes pleasure in hanging it at home and sharing it.