The expression of her joy of living

art-monik Volupté acrylique géométrique
Volupté septembre 2021 acrylique

Colorful paintings, unique style, result of a passion

Monik’s creations, colorful, with animals or geometric are unique and are not related to any artistic movement : ” If I had to define myself, I would say that I am a colorist”. The artist admits however to appreciate the impressionists, Dali or Duffy and humorous drawings “because they express something”. Undoubtedly a reference to her moments of creation when child, allowing her to fill her solitude by bringing serenity, pleasure and the satisfaction of having achieved something.

Requiring a performance time of several tens of hours, Monik’s works fall under the approach of pleasure and not production. Working on paper, each painting always begins with a drawing that is then colored patiently, with acrylic. “I have a personal style that can be compared from a distance to abstract art or naïve, according to the painting.”

Loving to meet her audience, Monik leaves it to everyone to see what he wants in her paintings, her greatest happiness being when the message of one of them finds an echo : “My painting speaks of my optimistic view of life and I wish it brings a little color and good mood in the place that house it.”